Fine Art Prints Save the Starving Artist

Fine Art Prints have a long history. For starving fine artists, the invention of print-making techniques was a god-send. Suddenly they could produce canvas prints of their fine art – a damn sight easier than spending years slaving away behind an art canvas, the marketplace results of which were unproven. By making canvas prints of their fine art, the financial impact of frenzied canvas work could be doubled, trebled, quadrupled – perhaps exponentially! Suddenly (well, hopefully, anyway), the fine art print become a new thing for a fascinated public, and the classical fine artist was quids in.


Independent Artists Print their Own Work – Give up Painting, and Focus Solely on Printing

Independent artists quickly picked it this new art-making technique of printing art. William Hogarth, for example, produced plenty of large canvas art (the results of which are middling, to be honest). But as a sideline Hogarth developed a series of prints of biting social commentary, and it is largely through his un – limited-edition prints that Hogarth is remembered today.

Fine Art Printing offered an expanded marketplace, but it also offered independent artists a new means of expression. Original artwork no longer needed the hard-to-master oil painting techniques of old. You could simply print your stuff on sheets of paper.The old craft of fine art was out of the window; the new craft of print-making was in.

This freed independent artists from having to spend years learning fine art techniques. The best results were achieved by famous artists such as Andy Warhol, who – spearheading the charge of the contemporary independent artist – gave up fine art completely and spent his years printing (mainly screen printing). The fact that prints were cheap, and endlessly reproduce able became a symbol of the contemporary art world.

Wall Art Prints – the Scorned Cousin of Fine Art

And the public responded. Now they wanted – and could afford – art for their walls. Art on a gallery wall was one thing. The decoration of that pesky living room wall was another and could be solved by a best prices solution – the wall art print. Wall art prints – art for the walls of a home – was – and is – largely scorned by the art community. But wall art – usually canvas prints of an reproduced image – has rapidly become a popular – and affordable – decoration for home walls. From the old techniques of screen printing to simply busting out your inkjet printers – whether that’s limited edition prints, wall hangings or even original artworks, the wall art revolution has begun!

Wall art Prints offered scope to vary your print – you could print it on a variety of fine art papers, for example, or try different frames. Metal frames, wood frames, large format, different sizes – the best art printer can produce whatever you want. Graphic designers have become artists – think Manuelo Suzuki – And a professional inkjet printer can render even the most scruffy of images in a decent light. Digital prints have increased in quality to the extent that they are photo-realistic; and even basic printers offer fairly decent results. The online marketplace for digital art is huge; the affordable art of modern art prints comes with high quality customer service – meaning wall art prints are affordable, convenient – and a rapidly expanding consumer market.

Even if the Fine Art world doesn’t like to admit it.