Saatchi Art is an online gallery with a vast selection; one of the best places to buy modern art prints, find unknown independent artists (as well as famous artists), and get hold of limited edition prints. Seemingly as the online marketplace of the famous gallery, the price point is often not low, but there’s great customer service, free shipping, different frames, and you’re guaranteed a high quality experience, just as you would expect from this high-end brand name.

The big thing about Saatchi Art, though is … it’s not even related to the gallery at all! No, the gallery sold it off, and it’s now based in Los Angeles. Of course the Saatchi brand name has mucho kudos in the real world, and the Saatchi gallery in London is great – check it out just off King’s Road. Anyway, the online gallery inherited the positive vibes of Charles Saatchi and co – who no doubt made a packet from its sale and now trade using its name.

Fine Art Prints at Saatchi’s Online Marketplace

With over half a million fine art prints, Saatchi Art hoovers up art from all over the place and then throws open its (online) doors for you to peruse. Varieties of sizes and frame selections abound so it is usually pretty customizable.

But hang on, there’s fine art prints and fine art prints. For example, the artist may have open edition prints (no limit on how many prints are sold). On the other hand, limited edition prints do what they say on the tin – only a specified number of prints are available. These prints are created by the artist and sent directly to you. Some get signed and numbered. Generally limited-edition prints are more pricey, and will cost you more than open edition prints (sometimes a lot more, see supply-side economics).

Independent Artists at Saatchi

Saatchi hosts art created by thousands of independent artists. They make something of a thing of it – discovery of independent artists is definitely a Saatchi USP. In fact, becoming a Saatchi-featured artist is not at all difficult. You simply register an account, upload snaps from your phone, and presto- you are now an independent artists certified by Saatchi. Whether that classifies you as an artist…really.. well, I suppose it does in 21st century post-everything society.. Just don’t expect any vetting process in place. I think I might give it a go…

Saatchi’s Canvas Prints

Museum quality – that has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? What that actually means is that Saatchi’s canvas prints are printed in a process called giclée (Pronounced “gee-clay”): art comes from the business end an advanced ink jet printer. Inkjet printers, it turns out, are not all created equal. No – a gee-clay printer is a professional inkjet printer that is a byword for quality printing and captures the look of painted pigments (36 million colors!).

Your canvas art is printed on quality matte canvas with a natural white color, and then fixed to the wood frames. All canvas prints are therefore ready to hang when they arrive at your door. You also get a UV coating spayed on top, which keeps the thing looking tickety-boo.

Wall Art Prints – Digital Prints made real!

Again, wall art prints are another of Saatchi’s USPs. Most of this is digital prints, usually made using the giclee process above. Different fine art papers, large or small format, different sizes, metal frames, wooden frames… you name it. Original artwork that you don’t have to even stand up for.

Saatchi Art – basically the Top End of Art Fulfillment Centers

Affordable Prints? Well, maybe not. Original works – definitely. You get new wall art, a certificate of authenticity, top end digital art and customer service that’s second to none. The best result to find your perfect wall art.