Street Art

Digitise This!

Will Cottrell Street Art Brighton Station

‘Digitise This!’ is a riotous rejection of the cult of technology. With its characteristic screws drilled through a smashed keyboard, ‘Digitise This’ lampoons the slavish devotion towards our devices and the belief that technology can solve all of our problems.

Have You Got News For Me

Will Cottrell Street Art Brighton Station
Will Cottrell Street Art Brighton Station

‘Have You Got News For Me’ features a mobile phone, its screen cracked and shattered, with screws driven through it, as if to symbolize the violent and invasive nature of the information we consume through our devices.

The screws are not just physically piercing the phone, but they also represent the anxiety and destabilization that comes with being bombarded by a constant stream of violent news and imagery. The image serves as a commentary on the negative effects of technology on our mental health and our society as a whole.

Digital Loneliness

Will Cottrell Street Art Brighton Station

A work for the many who are lonely in this world of algorithms, bots and AIs. You are not alone.


Will Cottrell Street Art Preston Circus Brighton
Will Cottrell Street Art Hove

There are many different Meta-Noughts, each has either mobiles or hard-drives as eyes, containing some unknown person’s digital life. These personal – and now defunct – digital archives loom out Metanaut faces, robot like. But the Metanut itself is flat, 2d, suggesting an unreality – it are obviously not totally human.

Indeed, what is this internet world that we live in, where there is no drugs, no dreams, and no dancing?


Solidarity was a mural on Brighton seafront that spoke about the Ukraine War. Brighton Council painted over it after a few months. Various fly-posters of ‘Solidarity’ still exist around the city, and you can see printed version of ‘Solidarity’ in the art section

The Shadow

Will painted ‘The Shadow’ as a 3m * 3m mural on Brighton Seafront in 2022. You can see prints of ‘The Shadow’ in the art section