Fine Art Prints and more

Full of fine art prints, canvas prints and a great selection of wall art prints is the Bankside Gallery, London a small art gallery full of the artwork of independent artists. It’s just next to Tate Modern, right on south side of the River Thames.

The Bankside Gallery is the home gallery for the Royal Watercolor Society and of the Royal Society of Painter Print-makers. So you can expect both quality printing and plenty of fine art prints and watercolors, yes. But there is also a selection of engravings, etchings, lithography, screen prints, canvas art, both in small and large format. It is chock full of original artwork, limited-edition prints; and the only place you’re likely to find affordable art and affordable prints in the area.

A Home to London’s Independent Artists

Interesting wall hangings line the gallery wall – all quality work but not all of them watercolors (for which some of us will be grateful). And for independent artists this is a welcome break – compared to the Tate (next door to the Bankside and full of famous artists) the Bankside is full of relative unknowns. It’s not a vast collection – but then if you’re looking for scale, just head over the road.

Framing comes with variety – most artworks are already framed so you don’t have much selection, but you could probably talk to the artist about it. As things stand, the prints come in different frames – wood frames, metal frames, plastic frames, whatever. You just have to go with the flow on this one. But there’s free shipping – obviously – as you take your pieces with you.

Canvas Prints, Digital Art, Digital Prints and more

It also has a very nice shop selling all sorts or art posters in different sizes, art books and cards Here you can also find versions of the pieces on the wall, plus various iterations of them as canvas prints, wall art prints, digital prints and the usual variety. You’ll be getting the best prices for art in the area.

I spent a pleasant 45 minutes there perusing the original works. It’s open and light and if you like new wall art this gallery is a good place for you.You can buy art at a reasonable price from independent artists, and sometimes they are there to show you what’s what. A recent contributing artist was Laurel Holloman with an exhibition called Fertile Ground, as well as a wood engraving exhibition with another artist showing her techniques.

It is easy to find, right on the riverside with fabulous views of the London skyline. And its close proximity to the Millennium Bridge and Tate Modern make it an attractive venue while visiting this part of London.