As one of the world’s first festivals dedicated to street art, the first edition of the Osona Artimur street art festival took place in 2022. The festival was initiated by the Spanish Department of Tourism and renowned street artists such as Alessia Innocenti, Alberto Montes, Jan Vallverdú, Marta Lapeña, Isaac Cordal, Eloise Gillow, Wedo Goas and Sergi Bastida, all took part, among others. The festival brought new murals, artistic interventions, and portraits of local identities to the beautiful countryside of Barcelona.

The festival was held in different villages of the Osona region, including Sant Julià de Vilatorta, Sant Bartomeu del Grau, and Prats de Lluçanès. The festival followed an open call and was a participatory process, giving local residents a voice in the selection of artists and proposals.

One of the highlights of the festival was the work of Daniel Muñoz, who created new portraits of local identities in each of the small towns. The portraits were a reflection of the unique identity of each town, showcasing the beauty and diversity of the region.

Another notable aspect of the festival was the mural of Zoer, which was one of the largest and most abstract pieces at the festival. The mural of Zoer, along with the work of Chu Doma, offered a new perspective on the concept of urban art and showcased a contemporary approach to the traditional aesthetic criteria.

The festival also saw the participation of artists such as Twee Muizen, Ana Barriga Oliva, Mateu Targa and Monika Pufflerova, who created new murals and artistic interventions in the rural context of the region. The festival provided a unique opportunity for the artists to showcase their work in a new and challenging environment, while also providing new audiences with the chance to discover urban art in a rural context.

The festival was not without its controversies, as the work of Ana Barriga sparked a big discussion among local authorities and residents regarding the role of tradition in the rural areas of the region. The festival, however, was successful in bringing a new perspective to the rural context, showcasing the beauty of the countryside and the importance of self-expression in the actual human condition.

The Osona Artimur festival was a unique mixture of tradition and contemporary art, offering a new path for the development of urban art in the beautiful countryside of Barcelona. The festival was a collective ornament that offered a new point of view on the local mental health and the way of self-expression. The festival was an ideal scenario for the showcase of new talents and for the discovery of new places, offering a platform for the artists to showcase their work and reach new audiences.