Five pieces of spiritual artwork. The spiritual experience can’t be quantified in angel numbers seen, or by the sense experience. But perhaps the creative process can illuminate. Our collection of original works takes a look at things with a spiritual eye, giving home decor a new slant. Our collection of digital art – available as canvas prints gives a quirky, pop art look into the subject matter of our own soul.

Spiritual – Psychological Art

An artwork on a wall

Carl Jung was a pioneer in the psychology of art. For many years Jung drew his dreams, his emotional states and emotional reactions. During this period of psychological exploration, Jung defined a concept known as the Shadow – a dark side that we all have (from a psychological point of view) and whose recognition is an important part of the psychological process. Original works of art – said Jung – were a route to recognising the shadow – and by giving it creative expression it can have a positive effect. This is one of my depictions of my shadow – a dark side that seems to mirror – but not quite, my human psyche.

The Shadow | Art Print on Canvas | 100*106cm | Signed by the Artist | Limited Edition

Astrological – Spiritual Artwork


A piece of abstract art on a wall

Birthstones have long been linked with zodiac constellations – gemstones and crystals that have similar emotional textures as the various star signs. Here, one of the most intriguing of the zodiac signs, Virgo, is depicted behind its main birthstone – the blue sapphire, a brilliant, deep blue crystal long associated with royalty.

Sapphire Explodes in Virgo | Astrology Art Prints | 100*128cm | Signed by the Artist


Spiritual Mythological Art


A framed art print

This piece represents Pan, the god of the wild. He has the hindquarters, legs, and horns of a goat, and is traditionally an overseer of shepherds and music. In the religious tradition of ancient Greece Pan lives in rustic Arcadia, where he is also often affiliated with sex and creative process. Because of this Pan is connected to fertility and the spring. Indeed, Pan’s spiritual eye loves rutting and fornication; in the cosmic space that he inhabits this carnal soul work is nothing to be ashamed of – indeed it is one of our spiritual practices.

Pan | Spiritual Art on Canvas | 100*128cm | Signed by the Artist | Limited Edition


canvas art hanging on a wall

Satyr plays were a pretty common occurrence in Greek mythology. Originally Greek satyrs had bald heads, flat noses, a long tail and goat legs. They danced a series of voluptuous dances throughout the Hellenistic period – and with their musical instruments and wine gourds they were regulars at the festival of Dionysus.

Late Greek art has their general features having undergone various modifications – the goats’ feet are gone, the full beards are pared back and they sometimes have white hair. By the late classical period Greek myths depict them as more or less in human.

These days I see Satyrs whenever I go out on a Friday night. Indeed, Dionysus – the Greek god of wine, amongst other things – was a favourite for Satyrs. With their long beards and fancy clothes, today’s young men seem to be partaking of an ancient art. Part man, part ancient Greek, these dionysiac creatures are fully enjoying their luxuriant vital powers of nature.

So I draw Satyrs as contemporary mythological creatures – a Homeric hymn to the most ancient of male urges – to dance about and swing the schlong.

‘Dancing Satyr’ | Art Print on Canvas | 75*100cm | Signed by Will



Spiritual Art – Yoga

A Yoga Artwork

Can art be your best yoga teacher? My yoga art selection is a often humorous take on yoga poses like the sun salutation, headstand and here – upward dog.

According to yoga tradition, Upward Dog – more accurately called upward-facing dog pose or Urdhva Mukha Shvanasana – is part of the sun salutation, and can be varied by lifting up a little less, thus becoming Cobra pose, or Bhujangasana.

Upward Dog | Art Print on Canvas | 55*58cm | Signed by the Artist

Is art a form of spirituality?

Interacting with works of art helps challenges us – as well as bringing satisfaction and ease. Art invites us to experience things outside our ‘box’ – depending on the subject matter it can, therefore, be one of the many spiritual practices.

What is contemporary spiritual art?

Spirituality in contemporary art ranges from abstract painting to so-called spiritual wall art. Many a famous artist has considered their work spiritual – the work of Vincent Van Gogh, for example, has often been considered spiritual. An early pioneer of modern spiritual art was Hilma af Klint, a theosophist in the 1920s.

An art collection on a wall
Artwork hanging on a wall
A wall with art
Spiritual artworks on a wall
A living room with five piece of spiritual at

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